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"The word fatitude does not exist in French" : it's a mistaken use of "fatuité", the noun form of the adjective "fat" (conceited, smug).


  • Merit and labour are values that should be rewarded more and more. We must applaud and be thankful to the France that gets up early.
  • The Chiraquian EEG is flat. This is no longer [Paris] City Hall, this is the antechamber of the morgue. Chirac is dead, only the 3 last shovelfuls are needed. (before the 1995 presidential elections)
  • June 2005: following these two declarations, Nicolas Sarkozy was reprimanded during the Council of Ministers by president Chirac and Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin
    • We shall clean the Cité des 4000 [in La Courneuve] with a Kärcher
    • The judge who freed Mrs. Cremel's murderer will pay for his mistake.
  • Success and social promotion are not some right that anybody can claim after queuing at some [government office]. It is better: it is a right, a right that one can merit because of one's sweat. (Summer meeting of the Young Populars in La Baule, 4 September 2005)
  • All these squatted habitations, all these buildings must be closed in order to prevent these tragic events, and this is what I asked of the Prefect of Police because these people are poor human beings who are housed in unnacceptable conditions. After accepting people to whom, sadly, we cannot offer work or housing, we end up in a situation that results in tragedies like these. (France Inter, 30 August 2005, after several cases where poor black immigrant families from Africa had died when the derelict buildings in which they lived burnt down)
  • Answering a woman asking him if he would help them “to get rid of this scum”: You've had enough, haven't you? Enough of this scum? Well, we're going to get rid of them for you. (Comments preceding the three weeks of urban violence, 25 October 2005)
  • Do not assume I would have such a fatitude (sic) (France Inter interview, 18 April 2007). In French, Ne me prêtez pas une telle fatitude. The word fatitude does not exist in French.