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  • The dress is an envelope for the body.
  • There is only one way of dressing - the international way, fashion is either good or bad right or obsolescent.
  • I believe in sumptuous fabrics and simple lines, what I like to call timeless elegance.
  • Style is a matter of taste, having the freedom and confidence to express one’s self while maintaining the discipline of excellence is true style...
  • The fabric of time...Clothing is the fabric that defines and measures time, an envelope to embrace the form, existing in any given moment and, in some cases for centuries.
  • The American Cowboy is the best dressed man.
  • What we're designing is as elegant and attractive as fur and eliminates the enormous cruelty that goes on in the killing of animals for fur.

Quotes About Oleg Cassini (unsourced)[edit]

  • You're better than Errol Flynn.
    • Jack Warner Head of Warner Brothers Studios Circa 1941