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Batlle for Dream Island' is a 1994 live action and animated film directed by Chris Pratt. The film follows over a boy named Ian as he struggled to make new friends in his new neighborhood. When he comes across a animal novel, he ends up into the novel which turns him into an animal and he embarks on adventure to save Dream Island from being taken by Mr greedy bear.

The film was released on May 10, 1994 in theaters worldwide. It was received by generally negative reviews for some of its rude humor, adventure peril, some name calling in the movie, and failing to be like the novels of Battle for Dream Island. However, some of the critics praised its film for the breathtaking Adventure and that the film was a masterpiece that needed no sequel.



Ian is a young boy who has the hard time adjusting to new friends and has moved from his old neighborhood. As he enters second grade for the first time, he gets in trouble for biting a bully when he tries to steal his science project homework. The principal decides to move into a more suitable school for him, but his parents want him to accomplish his grades and never stop giving up in his dreams. Ian then decides to run away to the library so he could find some novels that will be magic and no one would tell him what to do.

In the library, Ian meets a old couple called Mr Winchell and Mrs Winchell Who present him to a book called Battle for Dream Island. Ian decides to take it home with him, but a rainy day causes him to take refudge in the library until his parents come to pick him up. While reading a chapter which the Moby Dick is followed by the animal heroes, he falls asleep and wakes up to find himself in the book. He is certain everything is just a dream until he discovers he has transformed into a chipmunk when he was sucked into the book.

Ian bumps into an elderly raccoon called Mr Grimble who then decides to take him in. After feeding him some mashed blueberries, he explains that he is on dream island, a place where each animal lives in Harmony and peace. Their conversation is suddenly interrupted by the sound of a big bear called Mr greedy who wants to seal the mashed blueberries for his young's. When Ian declines by biting him on the nose, Mr greedy dad takes down Mr grimble's Roof down and vows that he will be back by morning. Thankfully, he is suddenly interrupted by a panther named clumsy, who is always so Bumble and usually trips on his own tail.

The next morning, a rabbit mayor then says that dream island wants to be ruled by Mr greedy and every animal must pack up. He then helps Ian pack up by explaining that he was born to be a helpful rabbit. As they are boarding the ship, Mr greedy then arrives and pays off Mr Grimble for not being at his home earlier. The ship then takes off with Mr greedy shouting that he will be waiting with more helpers and followers. Clumsy then announces there won't be enough time before they reach to the new land and helps a moping Ian by telling him his lifestyle. That night, they are attacked by a whale named Moby Dick which Rams into the ship. Ian saves Mr Grimble from drowning and discovers the whale to be friendly. They take refuge in the whale which befriends them it says that they will reach the land anytime soon.

Everyone wakes up the next morning to find out that they are still out at Sea lost. Everyone panics that they cannot go to the little land now and clumsy is scolded for making the new land up. While treading water to keep the blowhole from filling up, Ian then discover some settlers and fears they had come to capture the whale. Moby Dick manages to chase them off by using his tail and they managed to escape without getting chased by the settlers. It turns out that the settlers were actually Mr greedy's helpers and they end up fearing that their Master will get mad if he found out. After two weeks at traveling at sea, Moby Dick then decides to Return to Dream Island see everyone is homesick.

Meanwhile, Mr greedy ends up getting mad at the settlers and decides that he will get them himself. She travels at Sea with a band a whale and they attack Moby Dick wounding him in the process. Everyone is forced to evacuate and Ian is captured while trying to help his friends onto a raft. One of the animals of dream island, gurgi, feels bad for them and sneaks onto the ship.

Ian is saddened by messing everything up until Mr Grumble Comforts him and says that everyone makes mistakes. They are suddenly rescued by gurgi who manages to distract Mr greedy. As they are freeing Moby Dick from his bounds, they are suddenly ambushed by the settlers only to be saved by clumsy and Mr grimble. Mr greedy then knocks out Ian when he tries to intervene saying he has gone too far, so the animals then trick greedy by giving him a worn out cracked cauldron to trade for the mashed berries, turning Mr greedy into a possum and preventing his idea to give away dream island for good.

As everyone mourns the loss of Ian, he is suddenly revived by Mr and Mrs Winchell when he wakes up back in the library. He then is forgiven by his parents for running away and he asks the Librarians if he can take the Battle for Dream Island novel books home. They say he can take them home, just this once, and the next day it returns to school and makes new friends. As the movie ends with the animals celebrating Dream Island, Mr Grimble says that if you believe, the dreams will all come true and Chuckles like Mr Winchell before joining in the party.



1. Introduction 1:01 2. Getting into trouble 2:05 3. The principal talk 3:07 4. At the library 1:49 5. In Dream Island 1:05 6. Mr Grimble and Mr greedy 2:09 7. Time to leave 3:10 4. Traveling at sea 2:23 5. Moby Dick ambush! 4:14 6. Lost!/settlers 5:33 7. 2 weeks traveling at sea 2:04 8. Captured! 1:12 9. Gurgi to the rescue 1:50 10. Final battle 3:06 11. Back home 1:23 12. Ending 13. If you Belive End Credits Version