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"After all, it's all right that the world is organized as it is. It struck me that despite inflation, all this talk about good money and bad money is pointless. The truth is, in the end, that the truly great and important things don't cost anything. One doesn't have to pay for the air, the kiss, if it costs money, is not worth anything, health is for free, and if you haven't got it, no matter what shop you go for it, you can't buy it even for a lot of money. The sun also shines for free, and has for so long, and the sweet scent of roses is brought to me free by the complimentary summer breeze."

" One shouldn't take too seriously women, the kisses, the trains, the cities, the people, this whole great everything, life. Pay attention, because it is a colorful, interesting and spectacular play. What matters never changes. All of it is an adventure, there is no beginning and no end. There are only stations. We are running, panting, chasing happiness, but we can't catch up with it."

"Life's basic rule is unfairness."

According to the urban legend, after the war, Királyhegyi wrote a telegram to Stalin, that was not sent, but widely circulated among his friends: "To Generalissimus Josip Vissarionovich Stalin, Moscow STOP The system is not working STOP Please cease immediately STOP Kiralyhegyi STOP"

An other widely circulated anecdote is that when life started to become difficult for Jews in Hungary, like some others, he converted from Judaism to Catholicism. A few weeks later he concerted to Protestantism. When his friends asked him why, he said: "Just in case the ask me what was my previous religion".