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  • (when having brought a fan onstage in Stockholm)
    Pete: (to the fan) Tell us something about you we couldn't tell just by looking at you.
    Fan: (goes silent, Charlie whispers something to her) Um, I'm taller than Pete..
    Patrick: Well... isn't EVERYONE in here taller than him?!
  • According to my Wikipedia, I'm a tenor, which isn't physically possible.
  • I'm a sweaty little guy.
  • I'm in love with Pete Wentz.
  • We could be hardcore, but I'm not screaming.
  • Patrick: Did he just roll out "gotta go save the world"?
    Peyton: Yeah...
    Patrick: That's my line.
    • [on One Tree Hill]
  • It seems to me like people want to fight just for the fight, not for the ending result and I think that's crap, I think that's silly.
  • [On doing a Harry Caray impression] "Apparently I was doing it for about 10 minutes and it totally ruined the show and I was never given talking privileges again"
  • YES, I'm short and VERY pale!
  • He's writing what I'm singing, and I'm writing what he's playing.
  • I don't think we care anymore about what we're gonna do. We're just gonna be our own band and we're not gonna pretend to be any more rock or any less whatever than we are. We're kinda hardcore kids, we're kinda a metal band in this weird way, we're kinda into soul, we're kinda into folk, we're kinda into a lot of stuff and we're just gonna do whatever we do.
  • I think you can totally be a totally normal kid from the suburbs of Chicago and go off and play shows. It's one of those things that when you go home, you're still the nerd you were when you left, and your parents still get to yell at you about cleaning up your room, and your girlfriend still drags you to the pet store.
  • I don't make sense in this interview. I don't make sense in photo shoots. I don't make sense unless I'm making music. And the music is literally the only reason I'm here. I know I'm not the tall, dark, handsome rock star guy. I know I'm not the most charismatic person. I know I'm not that interesting or funny. It really is about me being a musician and a songwriter. That is the only reason I exist here.
  • Our fans are pretty loyal. In the beginning, we had to play a lot of shows to, like, one kid at a time. Those kids stuck with us and have been incredibly supportive. They have a lot more ownership of us than other bands, they can have Fall Out Boy. That's how we feel.
  • Here's the thing about Kelly Clarkson. At the end of the day, she's an amazing singer, and you can't fault her for that.
  • I'm really glad I put aside whatever ego I had and just let Pete be free,
  • Pete just gives me lyrics and phrases and sentences and ideas that are just kind of disembodies from any song, ... I'm his word editor and he's my music editor.
  • First off, we came from hardcore bands, and, in a lot of ways, we still see ourselves as a hardcore band. That said, that's just how we play. I don't know how else to play when you're in a rock band. If you're in a rock band, that's how you're going to do it.