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  • All tones inter-penetrate, all forms revolvingly interlock. This is coherence.
  • Art must make nature eternal in our imagination.
  • I try to render perspective through colour alone.
  • I want to make Impressionism something solid and durable.
  • Impressionism, what does it mean? It is the optical mixing of colours.. ..which are broken down on the canvas and reassembled by the eye.
  • Light is not a thing that can be reproduced, but something that must be depicted using something else.. ..colours.
  • My canvas "joins hands", it holds firm.
  • Nature is not on the surface, it is in the depths. Colours are an expression of these depths on the surface. They rise from the roots of the world.
  • Perhaps I came too early. I am the primitive of a new art.
  • The means of expressing emotion is only to be acquired through very long experience.
  • We must not paint what we think we see, but what we see.
  • When colour has its greatest richness, then form has its plenitude.
  • The eye absorbs.. ..the brain produces form.