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  • There'll never be a soccer player like Pelé. Better than Pelé, maybe, but not like Pelé.
    • Pelé on himself
  • I told myself before the game, 'he's made of skin and bones just like everyone else' - but I was wrong.
  • Though we've never really got along, I have to admit that, as a player, he was the best. I've always said, and I'll say it again: I can't compare myself to him.
    • Diego Maradona, Argentina legend and 1986 FIFA World Cup-winning captain.
  • I score 1,000 goals in my career, and you remember the one that wasn't a goal!
    • Pelé on Gordon Bank's save against him in the 1970 World Cup, regarded by some as the best save in history.
  • The ball has taught more than any coach ever will
    • On the importance of technical ability for the young player
  • If you want more goals in MLS do not think of widening the goal, just train your fowards better
    • Pele's reaction when asked by CNN about the new start up first division league in the United States, MLS, as a certain section of league officials in New York circa 1995 were considering several departures from world wide FIFA 'Laws of the Game' with the idea of "Americanizing" soccer to have an increase in scoring.