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  • I wish it wasn't like this. I sit and watch stuff on the television, I think, 'Why, why, why.'
  • I'm happy to sit behind the drums and let Peter be the singer. If (a reunion) happens, I'll be there. If it doesn't happen ... it would just be because there are too many things in the way.
  • I'm nice until I have a reason not to be. I work hard and people sense that. But I'm different things to different people. To the middle-aged housewife I'm some-one who looks like a "little boy lost"; to the people who know only One More Night and Against All Odds, I'm probably this sweet and sensitive guy. But there are many other songs, many other sides. I don't like that sickly sweet image.
  • They're rude and not as talented as they think they are. I won't mince words here but they've had a go at me personally.
  • They're the only ones brave enough to give me these opportunities.
  • We're all still good friends. We spent like 30 or 25 years of our life in the same office, ... Just because we don't play in the same band anymore doesn't mean we don't see each other and enjoy each other's company.
  • Basically when offering advice to those wanting to make it in the music industry I give fairly simple advice. Sellout and write catchy tunes, it's all for the money and chicks.