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  • Out there, in the confines of Iberia, there is a people who isn't ruled nor lets itself be ruled.
    • Marcus Tullius Cicerus, Roman consul, talking about the Lusitani.
  • We are a great country, we are not a small country. We often command important interests in the World. We are still stuck to the idea that we are small, thinking small. We have to do everything big. But we are a bunch of miserable poor people that seem to not have the size to do so.
  • Portugal não é uma província de Espanha!
    • Portugal is not a province of Spain!
    • Manuela Ferreira Leite, Portuguese politician, about the Spanish Government pretensions to force Portugal through the TGV plans.
  • The Portuguese soldier is smarter than it looks. The Spanish...looks smarter than it seems.
    • Jean Andoche Junot, French General, on Portuguese soldiers during the Peninsular War.
  • We are not Portugal.
    • Barack Obama, US President, about the possibility of not being able to lower US deficit.
  • He is right. The Portuguese didn't invented football, but they discovered his country.
    • José Mourinho, Portuguese football coach, on Dani Alves's declarations over Mourinho's arrogance, stating that the Portuguese didn't invented football, and neither did he" (December 11, 2010)
  • Vede como se bate um soldado português!
    • Observe how a portuguese soldier fights!
    • Report from a British officer of a Portuguese sergeant during the Battle of La Lys, in 1918
  • You can see the sea from my language.
    • Virgílio Ferreira, Portuguese poet and writer.
  • Be with Portugal those who want to, be against Portugal those who can.
    • John I, King of Portugal.
  • Ah, the Portuguese, foolish people! One arm on the East and other on the West, they want to hug the world!
    • Suleiman the Magnificent, Ottoman sultan.
  • I the Viceroy say to you, honored Meliqueaz captain of Diu, that I go with my knights to this city of yours, taking the people who were welcomed there, who in Chaul fought my people and killed a man who was called my son, and I come with hope in God of Heaven to take revenge on them and on those who assist them, and if I don't find them I will take your city, to pay for everything, and you, for the help you have done at Chaul. This I tell you, so that you are well aware that I go, as I am now on this island of Bombay, as he will tell you the one who carries this letter.
    • Dom Francisco de Almeida, Portuguese Viceroy, to the Indian commander Malik Ayaz, before the Battle of Diu (1509).
  • The Portuguese are a people of soft temper and joyful lives, spending their time singing, dancing and drinking, without worrying with military training.
    • Napoleon Bonaparte, French emperor, about the Portuguese people, before the first invasion of Portugal, in 1808.
  • When I hugged Amália, I felt like I was hugging Portugal!
    • Caetano Veloso, Brazilian singer and poet.
  • Não tenhais medo por serem muitos, nem pelas ameaças que fazem com os seus gestos e alaridos, pois tudo não passa de um pouco de vento, que dentro em breves momentos terminará. Deveis ser fortes e esforçados, recebendo a grande ajuda de Deus, por cujo serviço ali estavam, defendendo a justa causa do Reino de Portugal!
    • "Do not be afraid because they are many, neither because of their threats that they make with their gestures and screams because everything is just a bit of wind, that in a short time will pass. You must be strong and brave, getting great help from God, for whose service your were there, championing the cause of the Kingdom of Portugal!"
    • Álvares Pereira, Portuguese general, addressing his men before the Battle of Aljubarrota, in 1385.
  • I am Brazilian, but I feel more Portuguese that most Portuguese do.
    • Luiz Felipe Scolari, Brazilian football coach (former headcoach of the Portuguese National Team).
  • Oh salty sea/How much of your salt/Are tears of Portugal!
    • Fernando Pessoa, Portuguese poet and writer.
  • They came with their big drums, turning their bodies against the horizon, regardless of fear, cold or hunger. Poorly equiped they stood their ground, even under fire. We felt shaken but there they were, the brave Portuguese, struggling for a last gasp of breath in that piece of Hell. A short time after, we ran out of ammo and were ordered to fall back to the rear, moving between lines. But they stayed there, holding the line, 30 000 men aggainst two German armies. A few hours later, they fixed bayonets and charged, eventually silencing the battlefield into a miserable graveyard. Our officers despised them, but then again, the Portuguese surprised us once again. We had never seen anything like that. After the war, I addressed a Portuguese soldier, appalled for such bravery: "You are not soldiers You are demons". The man threw a smile and answered me, in a poor English: "We aren't demons, sir. We are Portuguese".
    • Diary of a British soldier from WWI.

Dia de Portugal[edit]

Commemorating Dia De Portugal