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  • I feel happy to terrify kids.
  • I guess I'm way too kind and generous, and a saint - if you can believe that!
  • I have a cheat-sheet for each one of my characters about their personality, the way they look, etc. So there is no possible way that I could have writer's block.
  • I used to get a haircut every Saturday so I would never miss any of the comic books. I had practically no hair when I was a kid!
  • Making my class laugh and getting in trouble. I was the class clown.
  • Read. Read. Read. Just don't read one type of book. Read different books by various authors so that you develop different styles.
  • Well, when I was 13, for my bar mitzvah I received my first typewriter. And that was special.
  • When I was a kid my family was really poor and I remember one Halloween I wanted to dress up really scary and my parents came home with a duck costume. I wore that costume for years! I hated it.