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"We can not become wiser if we do not see how stupid we are." -

"Drugs, toxics, negative attitudes destroy the neurons."

"Collective consciousness can only be developed if individual consciousness develops."

"Neurons restore themselves if you meditate."

"By thinking something we create links between neurons. If you think negatively you will program yourself to react at the later time to act negatively and if positively then you will have one positve link that will function automatically at some later time. This management of neurons is our responsibility."

"We have to relearn, reprogram our brains... the method to do so is to observe if the thought comes and analyze it and replace it then with a better one."

"Be a child, never be an adult all the problems of the world are made by the adults."

"If a child feels like laughing he just laughs and it doesn't matter for him if others know why he laughs or not."

"By thinking in a good way about yourself, even if you do not believe it, will make positive neuron connections that will change your attitude into more positive will act more positively."

"If your brain functions well you will always want to be happy."

"Ethics" is simply a last-gasp attempt by deist conservatives and orthodox dogmatics to keep humanity in ignorance and obscurantism,

There is nothing glorious about what our ancestors call history, it is simply a succession of mistakes, intolerances and violations.

On the contrary, let us embrace Science and the new technologies unfettered.