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  • "Whatever it is, if it doesn't make you happy, walk away, give it away to someone else who wants it. Let it be THEIR next dream; let it flee from you. You're emptying out your limitations when you do that. Then you have ROOM to grow, to allow magnificent things to fill the vacuum of those seemingly empty places. When you hold onto yesterday, when you hold onto dead and dying adventures, you have no room in your box for greatness." -Ramtha
  • "God is the simplicity of all things." - Ramtha
  • "Blessed is he who listens; blessed is he for he shall not have to

endure another's misery to gain the benefit of it. He has gained it by listening." - Ramtha

  • "Love yourself by listening to what you feel. Listen to how you feel

about everything. And if the whole world disagrees with how you feel, love the world for exhibiting its own judgment and its own truth. Allow THEM to be without removing YOU from your decision based on your emotional body and how it feels. That is TRUE love of Self." - Ramtha

  • "In a place that is called alone, where you are not bombarded by

Social Consciousness, when you least expect it, there shall come forth what is termed a magnificent Light. That Light will surround you, and in surrounding you, it will lift you in a state called pure love - PURE Superlove. In that state, which will seemingly be for all eternity, you will realize, not in words but in emotion, the VALUE of yourself in relation to the Godsource." - Ramtha

  • "The less you think of yourself, the less you become. The less you

give credit to yourself for having intelligence, the more of an imbecile you become. The less beautiful you think you are, the more ugly you become. The more impoverished you think you are, the more wretched you become - because YOU have ordained it to be so." - Ramtha

  • "Each entity knows before he comes here that he is not coming back

to be the grand beauty or the wealthy entity or the wretched pauper. He comes here because he wants to live here and to be enterprising in emotional learning on this level - to obtain EMOTIONAL understandings that he wants to fulfill within his being. That is the true treasure of your life experiences, whether here or on other planes or dimensions, for that is the only thing that remains with you throughout eternity." - Ramtha

  • "To be desireless, there is nothing wrong with that at all. I will

tell you why. Most that are filled with unquenchable desires never know who they are for they are too busy wanting. When you realize that everything you want is within you, then the Source brings a treasure at your doorstep and leaves it there every moment of being. And you have everything you ever wanted - YOU." - Ramtha

  • "That is why I am teaching you how to become more unlimited in your

thought processes. For the more unlimited your thinking becomes, the more unlimited your life shall become - wherever you are. The greater the heaven you create here, within your own kingdom of thought and emotion, the greater the heaven you will experience when you leave this plane. Those whose thoughts are steeped in guilt, judgment of self and others, and bitterness and hatred toward their brothers, will leave this plane only to continue to experience those attitudes until they learn from them - until they have had their gut full of them and realize that there are grander ways to be and greater heavens to experience." - Ramtha

  • "Wisdom is accumulated emotion. That is what makes each entity

different from all others who come to this plane. You will not experience the things you have already experienced and understood, for you will have no DESIRE to. The things that you have yet to understand, adventures that hold the promise of fulfillment and wisdom, you will always be drawn to, for they will excite you, tempt you, intrigue you, puzzle you. If you will simply allow yourself to be, and listen to the urgings within your being, the feelings within you, you will always be experiencing what you are most needing in order to expand your wondrous self into greater wisdom and perpetual joy." - Ramtha