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To Kalki: about the "interview", I actually saw this interview on TV so it's not a racist joke, on the contrary I think it demonstrates Ray Charles's sense of humor. I didn't remember the exact words so I searched on google for a site that would quote it. I also found the stormfront web site but I was focusing on the quote and didn't see, it was a white nationalist community (now when I look at it, I wonder how I've missed it). I thought Ray said "I could have been black" and was surprised with the "nigger" word. As I didn't remember the exact words, I assumed it was correct and took it, maybe that's where I've been wrong. Sorry, racism was not my intention. I think the quote is genuine but it may have been altered, being written in a racist forum. ~ Romanito 09:58, 23 Jun 2004 (UTC)


  • All people look the same to me.