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  • Is it not in dreams however that are born most of the projects that are worth it?
    • N'est-ce pas dans le rêve cependant que naissent la plupart des projets qui en valent la peine?
  • Beautiful and noble thing also a [...] flag that will always fly only over its own without imposing itself to others.
    • Belle et noble chose aussi qu'un [...] drapeau qui ne flottera jamais que sur les siens sans s'imposer à d'autres.
  • We will soon see that to dare living is not the end of the world. Only of one world.
    • On verra bientôt que d'oser vivre, ce n'est pas la fin du monde. Juste d'un monde.
  • We must dare to seize for us the entire freedom of Quebec, its right to all the essential content of its independence, that is to say to the full control of each and every one of its principal collective decisions. That means that Quebec must become as soon as possible a sovereign State.
    • Il faut que nous osions saisir pour nous l’entière liberté du Québec, son droit à tout le contenu essentiel de l’indépendance, c’est-à-dire à la pleine maîtrise de toutes et chacune de ses principales décisions collectives. Cela signifie que le Québec doit devenir au plus tôt un État souverain.

Dubious misattributions


I have removed the following quote from an editorial cartoon. A fictional caricature is not an actual attribution. This should not be included without citing reliable or noteworthy sources that seriously mistake this for an actual quotation of Mr. Lévesque. ~ Ningauble 14:53, 5 May 2011 (UTC)Reply

  • O.K., everybody take a valium!
    • Spoken by Lévesque in an editorial cartoon by Aislin (Terry Mosher), referring to the Parti Québécois victory in 1976[1]