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  • A lot of [what happened last year] wasn't on the offensive line. It happened for different reasons. We got a great offensive line this year and we have a much different system.
  • I'm going to naturally make plays. I'm not going to force anything. There's a fine line between just being a gunslinger and running the offense. I'd like to be 90% running offense, with that other 10% being my own personality.
  • It'll be fun just to get my start again and once again playing against a legend I grew up admiring. It's just going to be a great time. I'm really looking forward to getting back out there and having had a victory there, it might help psychologically.
  • There's a small difference between playing like a gunslinger, and playing carelessly.
  • This is another bad thing that happened, add that on to the many others that lead to the detailed evidence that I am bad, but I know great things are coming for me. I feel like I've been through hell and I'm going to come out of it and good things are going to happen.
    • Promising to rebound after a poor performance.