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This page was originally at Robert Strauss but I moved it here because most Internet sources attribute this quote to famous composer Richard Strauss. Someone more knowledgeable than I should double-check this. jni 17:20, 28 Apr 2005 (UTC)

you were indeed correct. I will add some more quotations (from his reflections book). User:Byronmercury

Am adding quotes from Recollections and reflections. Will add other sections over time: for example the various volumes of his correspondences with Mahler, Zweig, Hoffmannstahl etc. For now I am just dumping things in "other sources". User:Byronmercury

On copyright issues, I believe that the quotes follow the WQ guidelines. Although "Recollections and Reflections" was published in 1949, it mostly reproduces material published prior to 1923. Also, the whole collection of quotes in that section does not represent more than 1% of the book. User:Byronmercury 12.10 July 21 2017.

"Richard Strauss: Recollections and reflections" is 173 pages long. The copyright of the English translation by L.J.Lawrence, published in 1953 is held by Boosey and Hawkes Limited. The quotes included represent less than 1% of the contents of the book. None of the quotes exceeds 250 words. User:Byronmercury 15.35 22 July 2017.