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  • There are four levels of performance: novelty (journeyman), renovation (professional), innovation (master), and creation (genius)
  • Courtesy is an inward grace, which extends outwards to others.
  • Expectation closes the door to what is happening in the moment.
  • Our understanding changes what is that we understand.
  • The science is in knowing; the art is in perceiving.
  • Anything within a performance is significant, whether intentional or not.
  • With craft the musician can copy something old. With discipline the musician may copy something new.
  • Three ways to discover our faults: ask a friend; ask an enemy; recognize a fault in others.
  • The performer can hide nothing, even the attempt to hide.
  • Good habit is necessary; bad habit is inevitable.
  • If in doubt, consult tradition. If still in doubt, consult your experience. If still in doubt, consult your body.
  • Music so wishes to be heard that it calls on some to give it voice and some to give it ears.
  • Music never goes away. It is always available, but we are not always available to music.
  • Beginner's luck is great for beginners.
  • Understanding is simple. Knowing is complicated.
  • Silence is a bridge between worlds.
  • The presence of absence is an entry into loss.
  • What we hear is the quality of our listening.
  • Action begins when we cease to concern ourselves with being effective.
  • Before we do something, we do nothing.
  • The way we describe our world shows how we think of our world. How we think of our world directs how we interpret our world. How we interpret our world governs how we participate in it. How we participate in the world shapes the world.
  • When a record company makes a mistake, the artist pays for it. When the artist makes a mistake, the artist pays for it.
  • An honest society is an ordered society. An ordered society is an efficient society. An efficient society is a richer society. A richer society may invest in itself and support a poorer society.