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I got to meet Robert in my hometown, Joliet, IL, when The Dead visited in 2003. It was one of the single most poignant moments in my life. He didn't even say a word. He just smiled, knowingly, as I stumbled for words (which is rare!).


  • Sit back picture yourself swooping up a shell of purple with foam crests of crystal drops soft nigh they fall unto the sea of morning creep-very-softly mist...and then sort of cascade tinkley-bell like (must I take you by the hand, every so slowly type) and then conglomerate suddenly into a peal of silver vibrant uncomprehendingly, blood singingly, joyously resoundingbells....By my faith if this be insanity, thenfor the love of God permit me to remain insane.
  • I see more of what leadership is about, in the absence of it. It's an instinct for good ideas. An aversion to bad ones. Compromise on indifferent ones. Power is another matter. Power is not leadership but coercion. People follow leaders because they want to.