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  • It's just like Palm Springs without the riffraff.
    • On the 60 days he spent in prison after being caught with marijuana.
  • Movies bore me, especially my own.
  • There just isn't any pleasing some people. The trick is to stop trying.
  • Every two or three years I knock off for a while. That way I'm constantly the new girl in the whorehouse.
  • I think when producers have a part that's hard to cast, they say, 'Send for Mitchum; he'll do anything.' I don't care what I play; I'll play Polish gays, women, midgets, anything."
  • This is not a tough job. You read a script. If you like the part and the money is O.K., you do it. Then you remember your lines. You show up on time. You do what the director tells you to do. When you finish, you rest and then go on to the next part. That's it.
    • on acting
  • After the war, suddenly there was this thing for ugly heroes, so I started going around in profile.
  • There are all kinds of rumors about me—and they’re all true, every one of them. You can make some up if you want.”
  • I’ve still got the same attitude I had when I started. I haven’t changed anything but my underwear.”
  • Years ago, I saved up a million dollars from acting—a lot of money then—and I spent it all on a horse farm in Tucson. Now when I go down there, I look at the place and I realize my whole acting career adds up to a million dollars worth of horseshit.”
  • Only difference between me and other actors is I’ve spent more time in jail.”