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  • A healthy social life arises when the whole community finds its reflection in the mirror of each person's soul, and when the virtue of each person lives in the whole community. (Steiner called this the "fundamental maxim of social life".)
  • Receive children in reverence; educate them in love; let them go forth in freedom.
  • Translation of the Our Father:
Father, You who were, are and shall be in our very inmost being
May Your Being be glorified in all of us and praised high
May our deeds and the conduct of our lives extend Your Kingdom 
And may we exercise Your will in our lives' activity 
As You, O Father, in our inmost being has laid it.
You offer us the nourishment of the spirit (the bread of life) in superabundance in all the changing conditions of our lives.
Let our compassion for others be compensation for the trespasses incurred against our own being.
Let not the tempter work in us beyond our strength
For in Your Being no temptation can persist
Since the tempter is but illusion and deception
Out of which You, O Father, leads us through the light of Your understanding.
May your power and majesty act in us
In the cycles of time of cycles of time.

Quotes about Rudolf Steiner (unsourced)[edit]

  • [Steiner] taught a number of things in which I have long believed, among them that it is no longer possible in our time to offer a religion full of unsubstantiated miracles, but rather that religion must be a science which can be proven. It is no longer a question of belief, but of knowing. Further, we acquire knowledge of the spiritual world through steady, conscious, systematic thinking.
  • When it falls to the lot of his first biographer to recount the life of this great man, then, and only then, will the full extent of Rudolf Steiner's achievements and their, in the highest human sense, creative nature be revealed. Then men will view with profound amazement ... what irreplaceable strength and support [humanity] has received from this man's mind while this age hurtles onwards into the terrifying wasteland of materialism.
  • Steiner offers us a world view that gives a reasonable place to the development of man in the spiritual area. And if you earlier in a serious way could take a materialistic position and explain the meaning of life and society on a physical-material basis, that is not any more possible today. Today, we need other views, we must develop our spiritual essence and finally ask the question about the meaning of life.
  • Steiner (1861-1925) was an extraordinary pioneer ... and one of the most comprehensive psychological and philosophical visionaries of his time ... his overall vision is as moving as one could imagine.
  • ... meeting a man of such a magnetic personality at so early a stage, when he yielded himself to the younger people around him in friendship and without dogmatizing, was an incalculable gain for me. In his fantastic and at the same time profound knowledge I realized that true universality, which we, with the overweening pride of high school boys, thought we had already mastered, was not to be gained by flighty reading and discussion, but only by years of burning endeavor.