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  • For two years Tommy was the best hitter in baseball. He just didn't get the recognition. He was part of a team that had a lot of good parts to it.
    • On teammate Tommy Davis, who won the NL batting title in 1962 and 1963
  • I can understand how he won 25. What I can't understand is how he lost five.
    • Yogi Berra, after he faced Koufax in the 1963 World Series. Maury Wills, Dodgers shortstop, told of Berra's comment stated : "He didn't. We lost them for him."
  • It's no disgrace to get beat by class.
    • Bob Hendley, the losing Chicago Cubs pitcher in Koufax's perfect game, after Koufax sent him a gift to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the game — a 1965 NL baseball signed, "What a game!" plus a small handwritten note: "We had a moment, a night, a career. I hope life has been good to you. Sandy." Hendley himself pitched a one-hitter in the game, allowing one unearned run.
  • Either he throws the fastest ball I've ever seen, or I'm going blind.
  • He throws a 'radio ball,' a pitch you hear, but you don't see.
  • Koufax - he'll never amount to much.
  • You are part of an entertainment, but you are not really an entertainer. But I enjoyed it, probably more than people enjoyed watching it. I thank the fans for enjoying it with me.
    • Reviewing his playing career to Washington Post sportswriter Thomas Boswell, in 1979.