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Quotes requiring editorial work[edit]

  • Scientific management is not any efficiency device, not a device of any kind for securing efficiency; nor is it may bunch or group of efficiency devices. It is not a new system of figuring costs; it is not a new scheme of paying men; it is not a piece work system; it is not a bonus system; it is not a premium system; it is no scheme for paying men; it is not holding a stop watch on a man and writing things down about him; it is not time study; it is not motion study, not an analysis of the movements of men; it is not the printing and loading & unloading of a ton or two of blanks on a set of men and saying "Here's your system; go and use it". It is not divided foremanship or functional foremanship; it is not any of the devices which the average man calls to mind when scientific management is spoken of.
    • Frederick Winslow Taylor (1912) in: The Taylor and other systems of shop management: Hearings before Special committee of the House of representatives to investigate the Taylor and other systems of shop management under authority of H. res. 90 … [Oct. 4, 1911-Feb. 12, 1912], Volume 3. p. 1387
Scientific management is the substitution of exact scientific investigations and knowledge for the old individual judgement or opinion in all matters relating to the work done in the shop
F.J. Taylor, 1912.

  • Nevertheless, regardless of outcomes and the fact that the term has fallen out of use, "'scientific management,' as well as its near synonym, 'Taylorism,' have been absorbed into the living tissue of American life
    • Kanigel (1997, p. 6) cited in: Carl Mitcham (2005) Encyclopedia of science, technology, and ethics Volume 3. p. 1153
  • Agronomy is the scientific management of land to practice effective soil conservation and to maximize crop production.
    • Jim Cole, ‎Tony Stankus (2014) Journals of the Century, p. 448