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  • "The chequered flag is really just a stupid wooden stick and a piece of cloth. It's a small thing, but it means so much when you cross the line at moments like that."
    • After finished 4th for Toro Rosso in China, 2007.
  • "The greatest moment in my life was when... ah but then you weren't there. It was when I lost my virginity."
  • "It is mostly blue and it goes in circles."
    • Describing the RB5.
  • "-Can you explain the situation with your engines?
    -There's not much to explain. We have a Renault engine at the back of our car."
  • "Last year is last year, this year is this year."
    • About 2010.
  • It's easy, three guys were faster than me today.
    • August 28, 2010. Response to swedish reporter's question "Can you explain your grid postion, P4?"
  • Blue with 4 black wheels on it.
    • August 29, 2010. In response to Martin Brundle's question "Sebastian how's you car?", before the Belgian GP.

About Sebastian (unsourced)[edit]

  • For me he was already the surprise of the season. But what he demonstrated, in these weather conditions, making no mistakes and dominating from the beginning was completely top class.
  • Vettel amazes me: he’s such a little fellow; he’s got virtually no definition in his arms or legs at all; he looks like he could barely hang onto a Formula 1 car, let alone drive it so quickly. He’s clearly quite a stringy, powerful little man. He looks like a boy sometimes in his shorts wandering around the track and having a look at it on a Thursday, but Vettel is flying.
    • Martin Brundle, Malaysia 2008

Martin Brundle: “Vettel fourteen seconds clear. What a supreme drive from the 21 year old.” James Allen: “I’m not even gonna bother asking you at the end of this race who the Driver of the Day is, ‘cause I’ve a feeling it’s a question of, is he the Driver of the Season?” Martin: “Yeah, but I tell you: the kid’s gotta change his attitude with the media. He’s happy, he’s friendly, he answers your questions, he shakes hands with the sound man, he shakes hands with the camera man and the interviewer and thanks you for the interview. He’ll give Grand Prix drivers a bad name.

    • Monza 2008