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hi shaun white u are the best -yea you are.---- I gotta say the second quote cracked me up. Nevertheless - most people know who he is since the olympics and more quotes by him or related to him would be nice to have on the page. user:tholex


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  • This one summer I was hired by this rich dude to check out an island for him. It was nice and tropical, but it was full of dinosaurs. Then the power went out and all these dinosaurs broke out of their cages. They were eating and killing everyone, causing a whole bunch of trouble, so I took off. That guy still owes me some money.
    • (2005).
    • When asked what his worst summer job was.
  • My first set up was a 2x4 with plastic fins on the bottom. My parents would tow me behind a car in the middle of the street. It was sick until they towed me into a pothole and I fell into the sewers. But then rat people adopted me, so it was cool.

you did cool tricks and i want you to put a video of trainig to be a good snowboarder.