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  • I ain't afraid to tell the world that it don't take school stuff to help a fella play ball.
  • I felt I was duty-bound under contract to stick with Cleveland, and I can truthfully say, in all my playing days there and everywhere, I never shirked a duty to baseball.
  • God knows I gave my best in baseball at all times and no man on earth can truthfully judge me otherwise.
  • What a hell of a league this is. Ah hit .387, .408, and .395 the last three years and Ah ain't won nothin' yet!
  • When I was up there at the plate, my purpose was to get on base anyway I could, whether by hitting or by getting hit.
  • I'm about to face the greatest umpire of all and He knows I am innocent.
    • Variant: I am going to meet the greatest umpire of all — and He knows I am innocent.
    • Sometimes reported to be his last words.
  • Ty Cobb: "Don't you know me, Joe?"
    Jackson: "Sure, I know you but I wasn’t sure you wanted to know me. A lot of them don't."
    • Anecdotal dialogue between Jackson and Cobb, after Jackson had served Cobb at his liquor store.