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  • I swear before you; I swear on the God of my parents; I swear on them; I swear on my honor and I swear on my country that I shall not give rest to my arm nor respite to my soul until I have broken the chains that oppress us by the will of the Spanish power.
  • If Nature is against us, we shall fight Nature, and make it obey.
  • It is harder to maintain the balance of freedom than it is to endure the weight of tyranny.
  • Legislators could certainly do with a school of morals.
  • Morals and lights are our first necessities.
  • The art of victory is learned in defeat.
  • The freedom of the New World is the hope of the Universe.
  • To do something right it must be done twice. The first time instructs the second.
  • An ignorant people is the blind instrument of its own destruction.
  • The Ignorance the people live in leads them to commit mistakes against their own happiness
  • Nations will march towards the apex of their greatness at the same pace as their education. Nations will soar if their education soars; they will regress if it regresses. Nations will fall and sink in darkness if education is corrupted or completely abandoned
  • Talent without probity is a scourge.
  • There is nothing as corrosive as praise. It sweetens the palate, but corrupts the soul.
  • The first duty of a government is to give education to the people.
  • God grants victory to perseverance.