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Note: It would be best to either reorganize certain sections by Season or Episode or by Character -- User: 23:23, 7 Aug 2004

How to organize the quotes of specific characters? By stardate? By episodes? Or just leave the quotes in the order that they are and let people find the ones they like best?

I propose that each of us organize the quotes (again per specific character) by how significant the quotes are to us. As you edit the order of the quotes, and others rework your work, I think certain quotes will 'rise to the top'. For example, Kirk's quote about "risk is our business" is one that I believe would be on most fans top ten Kirk quotes. If you rearrange Kirk's quotes, perhaps this quote will be in your top 10. In my opinion, having the best quotes at the top - is the best way to organize the quotes of specific characters. It may never settle down as to what are the best Kirk quotes, Spock quotes, etc, but I'd rather make such an attempt than having the quotes arranged by stardate or episode. -- User:


This page needs cleanup... badly... -- User: 18:55, 19 Aug 2004

that was fun[edit]

I can't believe i wasn't logged in for all that. For the record is me. I also can't believe i just only edited the TOS section. So.. I am further postponing my ST:TOS marathon to edit the other quote sections. But not for a hour or so; i need a break. comment if you have any objections (to the editing, not the star trek watching ;)

  • Removed the "unknown stardate" note from all afflicted; it's even more worthless than the actual stardate. honestly are those even worth keeping? IMHO the season and episode number would be infinitely more valuable.
  • moved character article links to section division title.
  • alot of citation consitency problems
  • Alot of these quotes are really crummy but i left them all. If one you added is apparently missing it's because i moved it from "dialogues" to the appropriate section; there were a ton of one person quotes in dialogues, and vice versa.
  • These ought to be alphabtised. I like the emergent "preferential" order suggested above however there are just too many for that. Maybe another day i'll get to that.

--Flashmorbid 09:34, 18 September 2005 (UTC)

P.S. i think these shoulded be divided into separate articles based on series. as such, where do the movie quotes go? --Flashmorbid 09:38, 18 September 2005 (UTC)

There's one quote I really like; the episode was the one where Wesley traps his mother inside a warp bubble; anyway, the quote goes something like this:

[F/X: Loud explosion shakes the ship]
Dr. Crusher (to computer): What was that?
Computer: All your base are belong to us!
Dr. Crusher: Cause?
Computer: Someone set up us the bomb!
Dr. Crusher: Show me.
[Display: Enterprised superimposed on a slightly smaller bubble]
Computer: Ship's parameters exceed the dimensions of the known Universe.

And there is one quote I like especially well as well. It's Tuvok who says it in Star Trek Voyager - but I'm not sure in which episode or season. Here it goes:

Tuvok: "I have no intention of continuing this conversation any further".

The reason for why I have not posted it in the article is that I'm not sure that that's exactly what he says. I hope someone can confirm it and post it for real.

Form a new section called Star Trek Movies[edit]

There are lots of quotes building up in Star Trek: The Original Series and Star Trek: The Next Generations. I propose we add a new section called Star Trek Movies and move all movies from both sections there. This is the most common way that other websites section off the franchise, such as the official site,

Jean-Luc Picard[edit]

shouldn't Jean-Luc Picard be in the series and movie pages? 08:25, 6 April 2008 (UTC)