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The quote attributed to Stephen Crane here is a poem that is contained in Wikisource. I do not believe that Wikiquote is a place for poems that are contained in Wikisource. This is a redundancy. I want to know if anyone would be offended by the removal of this quote and linking to the Wikisource Stephen Crane entry.

--Khaldei 02:42, 18 Dec 2004 (UTC)

Generally entire poems that are no longer under copyright do belong on Wikisource, but when they are just short compositions, they can also be appropriate here. Links should certtainly be made to articles at WIkisource, as well as Wikipedia, when related material is available, but I see no need to delete anything. The convenience of having a few lines of poetry here as well as there introduces no needless burden like redundant images on projects can. ~ Kalki 05:25, 18 Dec 2004 (UTC)

Wrong Crane Anyway[edit]

Hi. If the above discussion is concerning the first quote "The Colors", this sentimental dreck was written by Nathalia Crane (1913- ) when she was 12, and can found at p. 72 of "The Singing Crow And Other Poems" (1926)