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Unsourced, improperly sourced[edit]

  • In Silicon Valley, we have a special word for a failed entrepreneur – it’s called experienced.
    • University of Minnesota commencement speech, FounderLY. May 06, 2013.

Interview with Steve Blank[edit]

Tablet Magazine "Tikkum Olam in Silicon Valley". May 06, 2013.

  • Great entrepreneurs are revolutionaries. They speak truth to power. They change the status quo. They rebel against what exists. If you want to see what country will create the next Steve Jobs or Elon Musk, see how they treat their dissidents.
  • The Silicon Valley entrepreneurial culture used to be limited to a few entrepreneurial clusters. Now the Internet has spread that culture everywhere.
  • There are several generations of Silicon Valley CEOs who "pay-it-forward." It’s an understood, underground thing you don’t talk about. You give back to younger founders and entrepreneurs without asking for anything. The goal is to pass on what we learned to make our startup ecosystem better.
  • The #1 change in Silicon Valley is information density. If you think about it, 30 years ago the only way you got info was during one-on-one meetings. You knew very little and the world knew very little. We just know a lot more now.
  • The Silicon Valley culture is "I can win and you can win" - it isn't a sum-zero game.