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  • "Whichever way you look at it my friends, you have to put in some work. If you are unemployable, roll up your sleeves and do something on your own to earn you some money. You have to work either way to meet your needs."
    • Speech at Victoria University (Kampala)
  • "You need to go into the kind of business that suits your lifestyle, interests and passion, so that you enjoy what you are doing."
  • "I always reinvest 90 percent of my profits into my businesses."
  • "Be honest and always keep your word, especially to your customers even if it means making losses. If for some reason, you are unable to, please call and let them know of the developments."
  • "I don't take uncalculated risk."
  • "Young people always want to rush things. They want to see growth and success immediately which can’t be the case. In many cases, when you rush at the beginning, your success will be short- lived and you are very likely to fail in the long run. You are actually better off starting out slowly and building a strong business foundation which will guarantee you long term success."
    • Interview with Forbes
  • "Ugandan businessmen have come a very long way. Everybody has the same opportunities to make it here. The oil is here and we have not even got started on that yet so, certainly, the best is yet to come."
    • Spoken on Friday 4th April 2014
  • "... Without your support and encouragement, friendship, I do not believe I would have achieved this immense accolade of not only making it on the Forbes List of Billionaires but also such a prominent mention including the photo on the cover page of the highly esteemed Forbes Magazine for Africa... All of you have stories to tell!"
    • During the Launch of the Forbes Africa Cover at Kabira in 2014

Quotes about Sudhir (unsourced)[edit]

  • "Ruparelia’s real estate concerns rake in as much money as the entire country earns from exporting tea and coffee – about $400m a year."
  • "One thing that's touched my heart, here's a man, he's got no rich father, no rich uncle, he's got no inheritance, he's got no Harvard MBA. But this is a man...who's turned 25,000 Dollars into 1.1 Billion in a number of years..."
    • Announcer inviting Sudhir on stage during the launch of the Forbes Africa cover at Kabira in early 2014