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"and I'm most obliged you for making it clear that I'm not here"[edit]

"and I'm most obliged you for making it clear that I'm not here"

We'll miss you more than we knew. I wish some great musicians like Hitchcock, Pink Floyd, Blur, David Bowie, The Cure, R.E.M., Radiohead and many more could tribute to Syd with a new CD or a Live Concert like the one they had for Freddie Mercury when he died.

Now more than ever we want to hear Syd's work bigtime. I suppose Syd would have hated the word BIGTIME, but i assure you a lot of his fans don't.


Danie & Jaco

Vleesbaai South Africa

"Your heroes for ghosts"

-- the chicken twister quote sounds like an obvious fake


  • Apart from being a good guitarist, I don't really have any ambition.
  • Really, we have only just started to scrape the surface of effects and ideas of lights and music combined; we think that the music and the lights are part of the same scene, one enhances and adds to the other. We feel that in the future, groups are going to have to offer much more than just a pop show. They'll have to offer a well-presented theatre show. Melody Maker, 1967-12-09
  • I'm Sorry, I Don't Speak French
  • I'm going far further than you could ever possibly imagine.
    • His reply when asked by a former friend where he was going as he walked down London's Oxford Street, circa 1970.
  • All we can do is make records which we like. If the kids don't, then they won't buy it.
  • I never felt so close to a guitar as that silver one with mirrors that I used on stage all the time. I swapped it for the black one, but I've never played it.
  • Well, I think of me being a painter eventually…
  • Yeah…that's nice. Well, I've only got an electric. I've got a black Fender which needs replacing. I haven't got any blue jeans…I really prefer electric music.
  • The guy who lives next door to me paints, and he's doing it well, so I don't really feel the need.
  • I like to do the words and music simultaneously, so when I go into the studio I've got the words on one side and my music on the other. I suppose I could do with some practice.

Syd Barrett - Quotes by Jenny Fabian[edit]

It is intolerable that Jenny Fabian quoted Syd in her book here. I knew Syd / Roger Barrett during my years in London. He had several times expressed his anger over this book. Ms. Fabian never met him in person. (Probably only seen on stage.) And other figures in the book do not agree. Ms. Fabian was forced even then for legal reasons to change the name to Ben. One should not let something stand here in first place of the quotes.

DMS REVISION: Jenny Fabian gave pseudonyms to all the musicians in her escapades. At the time, it was common knowledge on the London scene as to who the Relation, et al. really were.