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System Shock is one of the first and best science-fiction computer games. System Shock used an interface that presented a first-person perspective from which the player could interact in an object-oriented space consisting of a space ship that has been taken over by its own self-aware computer system. Integrating classic cyberpunk-inspired environments and confrontations (i.e. "cyberdogs", virtual beasts capable of mobilization and attack within information space), robots thrive within the confines of the floating space station long after the complete cessation of human life and oversight. System Shock played on an IBM-compatible machine with minimal RAM and proccessing power (25 mhz, for example).

Prefontaine's Last Log[edit]

Prefontaine: I’m being taken away now. It’s my turn. I’m being dragged into some kind of chamber. The ceiling is lined with a number of panels bristling with what appear to be stalagtites, or teeth. The creature’s put me down now. He’s leaving. Am I to be spared? What’s going on? It’s dark in here. I can hear the moans of somone. Claudette!? Is that you!? Hmm, I seem to have stepped in something soft, slippery. Are the stalagmites moving?