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Does anyone know why the theater version of the film is a bit different from the DVD? My favorite quote was "I cant control my heart rate, I gotta cougar on me!" Which was taken out in the DVD version. Thanks

"I can't control my heart rate, I got a cougar on me!" wasn't featured in the theatrical version of the film; it was only in the trailer. El Diablo 18:43, 20 December 2006 (UTC)

The car Reese Bobby drove[edit]

What make and model car was it? Thanks, Kathy H.

The car he drove looks to me like a buick skylark early 70's model


This article[edit]

This article is ridiculous and nothing like any other movie entry. Someone needs to fix it.

Revert this someone please[edit]

wiki's engine hates my editing (not comfortable with it) so, I'd like someone to edit this back.