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Native Ukraine
  • The village in our Ukraine - as if the pysanka village.
  • For the wide-field lany,[1] the Dnipro, and steep slopes, it would be seen and would be heard as the Roaring roars (implying the Dnipro).
  • Homonila Ukraine, for long homonila.[2]
  • It was once in Ukraine, they were able to govern (panuvaty) (Implying the times of the Kyivan Rus).
  • He roars and groans the Dnipro wide (One of the most widely attributed to Taras Shevchenko phrase).
  • Fought it Ukraine to the ultimate end: now her own children worse than lachy[3] crucify her.
  • Ukraine, Ukraine! My heart, my mother! When I remember your fate, my heart will weep!
  • In own hut - there's own truth, own power, own will.
  • Fight and over-struggle![4]
  • For she is, the only that we have, all singing and ringing, all weeping and rumbling, and yet without the laurel wreath. (Одна вона у нас така — уся співуча і дзвінка, уся плакуча і гримуча хоч без лаврового вінка.) (speaking of the Ukrainian language)
  1. Lan (lany - in plural) is a wheat-dressed field.
  2. Homonity (compare to homonym) is a verb that means a type of noise for many non-distinctive voices. A sort of monotonic noise.
  3. Lachy Sądeckie, the Galician Polish people.
  4. Борітеся — поборeте!, the motto of several Ukrainian political parties in 1920s.