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Merge from Thai proverb[edit]

I merged the content of Thai proverb with this article as requested. Nearly all of it was already here anyway. I added only one proverb, and added variations on meanings to a few others. I make no warranty on the translations, as I do not speak Thai, but I made no changes in the Thai text or the transliterations. I did make a few changes in the English translations, chiefly to correct grammar. I would appreciate it if our Thai-speaking audience would review my changes and possibly elaborate on them. Thank you. — Jeff Q (talk) 06:06, 27 Mar 2005 (UTC)

Proverb correction[edit]

I have corrected the proverb "กงกำกงเกวียน -- kong kum kong kwean". The correct proverb is "กงเกวียนกำเกวียน -- kong kwean kum kwean". For more information about this proverb please look at

Why has this page been deleted[edit]

Could not find any reason as to why the current page had been deleted ?