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Copyright check[edit]

A checkcopyright tag was placed by a user clearly unfamiliar with the fair use tenets which are contained within the tag itself. (Another example of over-exuberant tag use). This tag has been removed.

  • There is no commercial purpose to the page. There is no impact upon the value of the original screenplay from this page.
  • This quotation page does not contain a substantial amount of material from the screenplay, a sine qua non for copyright infringement. In fact, fair use copyright law has held "[A] reviewer may fairly cite largely from the original work..." (cf. fair use).
  • It does not intend to replace or transform the work, nor does it represent a re-distribution of the work.
  • Wikiquotes is expressly a fair-use community, which places the inclusion of this page firmly within fair use doctrine.

Copyright versus common-use references in acculturated vernacular speech[edit]

Quotations on the page have been documented for this page to be part of a cultural vernacular. Such quotations are common-use phrases that are legally separated from text (as from a screenplay) protected under copyright law.

In and where this page has been edited to reflect cultural vernacular uses of quotations deriving directly or indirectly from the movie screenplay, copyright is never violated.

Users are encouraged, in general, to enter public, common-use quotations (and not entire passages from the screenplay).

Reformatted quotes[edit]

I re-formatted the quotes so that they can be easily imported into fortune files. I also removed extraneous screenplay notation (such as actor directives). I also removed excessive punctuation, which is not consistent with quotation presentation utilities (such as fortune). Perspectoff 16:33, 27 March 2010 (UTC)

add last line of dialog to the list[edit]

The last line of dialog is "So what. Big deal." I think it's appropriate to add it. JMO.