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I am in the process of cleaning up this article (01 Aug 09). According to Wikipedia, this movie is approximately 90 minutes. As per WQ:Limits, that allows this article approximately 7 quotes. I will be as charitable as possible in trying to choose appropriate quotes based on the limits and all the Wikipolicies I have read. I'm also bolding significant quotes: quotes that were either especially significant to the movie, somewhat notable in the real world due to the movie, or are particularly quotable on their own.

Based on "Quotability" I only chose 6 quote "units" (i.e., quotes plus chunks of dialogue), not including taglines, as they don't fall under the same provisions for copyright. I estimated that 7 was fair for this article. Anyone, however, who wants to add a quote: be careful when adding quotes, and consider their importance to the film, their quotability outside the film, and their context (egs., does another one of the quotes basically say the same thing; does the quote stand well on its own, whether or not you have seen the film?). Also, if you add quotes, you must strongly consider appropriately removing another quote. Be especially careful with dialogue; I have only included sections of dialogue where the interplay of conversation is concise, meaningful, understandable and relevant--especially not dialogue wherein one of the lines should be a lone quote. Too often on Wikiquote there is dialogue of a mundane conversation (full of speech fillers, like uh-huh, yeah, ummm, etc.) with one line which is quotable. I removed all dialogue which was redundant (i.e., having one quotable line within the dialogue was already quoted in this article). Peace and Passion ("I'm listening....") 06:06, 2 August 2009 (UTC)
PS For those interested, the most applicable guidelines are Wikiquote:Limits on quotations and Wikiquote:Quotability