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I just reverted a change to this document. "A very plum, plum" emphasizing the"Plumness" of the plum, I am confident is correct, rather than "A very plumb, plum", while another change that was done at the same time I am less confident in reverting: I am aware that in the script "feelings which seem quite normal" occurs, but do believe that in the movie "feelings which seem quite wrong" is said, unfortunately I have currently loaned out my copy of English Patient on DVD to someone, so I might not be able to check which of these is right for a few days at least. ~ Kalki 09:53, 11 May 2004 (UTC)

Sorry, its definitely "normal". A change as diametrically opposed as "normal" and "wrong" would not be something made lightly on set, as the change completely alters the meaning of the scene. It should be changed back to the proper quote. - Willy Shakes