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In composing this page, I have deleted the quotes that previously made up the entirety of the quotes section. Technically, I perhaps should check to make sure that all of the quotes were included, albiet in a more detailed context, in this present incarnation of this page. I have not yet done so.

Also, I think that it is important that the philosophy behind the rather sprawling Errol Morris wikiquote pages that I have made is this: these works are incredibly complex meditations on the ways that human beings use language to represent and misrepresent themselves. Anything that does not allow Morris' subjects to really speak for themselves runs contrary to the entire point of the art. Therefore, the only worthwhile way to create a quote page is to retain, as far as possible, something of a complete representation of the speaker's words. I know that this makes the page long and less approachable, but it also makes the page worth something in the terms that Morris himself is working with.

This being said, I cannot say that I would welcome edits to this page that simply cut content out instead of adding more. Of course, so far these pages (the pages for Errol Morris' films) have show little activity from anyone other than me, so perhaps this plea is worthless. But, hopefully, eventually, they will be more widely read. --Clotten 09:13, 11 May 2005 (UTC)Reply[reply]