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A note on synchronicity for you: I had been working off and on for several hours yesterday on quotes of Theodore Sturgeon, and Robert J. Hanlon among others, and meant to paste them yesterday, but ran out of time and had to rush elsewhere. I was reluctant to leave without pasting them, because I thought some other person might be "tuned in" to thoughts about "Sturgeon", and wanted to be the first to honor him with quotes here, but decided I wanted to look my information over a bit more before pasting. This morning I was amused to discover that someone had indeed created an article for Theodore Sturgeon. My initial paste for Sturgeon was exactly as it stood yesterday, and includes both quotes that the other person used. I have more quotes that I was working on formatting as well, and its likely that I normally would have altered things a bit before creating the page. I might be a bit too busy to add them today, but I just thought I'd mention the amusing coincidence. Thank you, anonymous poster: I'm glad to see there are indeed other admirers of Sturgeon at work. ~ Kalki 12:49, 30 Apr 2004 (UTC)