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Creating Talk:Theosophy[edit]

There should be a current "talk page" created on Theosophy, here.

Quote removed from page.[edit]

The following quote was remove from the page by another editor. Please discuss whether it should be included on the page. Cheers! BD2412 T 03:35, 24 April 2018 (UTC)

  • Theosophy brought to India yet another strain of sarva-dharma-samabhâva. It proclaimed that all religions were ultimately derived from and were distortions of the Original One Religion known to the ancient Mahatmas, who had kept themselves hidden for a long time. But so far as the prevalent religions are concerned, Theosophy never said that they were the same or equally true. In fact, the first Theosophists who come to South India showed a marked preference for Hinduism, and encouraged Hindus to ridicule and denounce Christianity, its totem, and its missions. Later on, Annie Besant founded the first Hindu College at Varanasi, and could never see eye to eye with Mahatma Gandhi when it came to Islam. The only Theosophist who really stood for sarva-dharma-samabhâva came from the heartland of Indian Islam, U.P. in North India. That was Dr. Bhagwan Das. But anyone who has studied different religions in right earnest can say without any hesitation that Bhagwan Das' magnum opus, Essential Unity of All Religions, is not much more than silly and sentimental humbug. He has missed the forest for the trees in the case of all religions when he picks up stray sentences from different scriptures and strings them together without any reference to context or their real meanings beyond the literal. Rather than studying and understanding all religions he is out to foist his own pet and preconceived notions on all of them.
    • Sita Ram Goel, Freedom of expression - Secular Theocracy Versus Liberal Democracy (1998)
  • In my opinion only the first two sentences of the above paragraph should be included. The entire paragraph does not belong here... maybe on the authors page, but not here. Apparently someone put the quote in question back on the page. I have trimmed that quote down to the first two sentences and sincerely hope that if anyone objects to that modification, that they will voice their views here. Thanks. Anutherconcerned (talk) 22:11, 7 January 2020 (UTC)