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  • Labor wants also pride and joy in doing good work, a sense of making or doing something beautiful or useful - to be treated with dignity and respect as brother and sister.
  • No one travelling on a business trip would be missed if he failed to arrive.
  • Servants should not only show a servile disposition, but it is quite as imperative that they should show a trained conformity to the canons of conspicuous subservience.
  • The addiction to sports, therefore, in a peculiar degree marks an arrested development in man's moral nature.
  • The basis on which good repute in any highly organized industrial community ultimately rests is pecuniary strength; and the means of showing pecuniary strength, and so of gaining or retaining a good name, are leisure and a conspicuous consumption of goods.
  • The dog commends himself to our favor by affording play to our propensity for mastery.
  • [T]he pulpit [is] the accredited vent for the exudation of effete matter from the cultural organism.
  • With the exception of the instinct of self-preservation, the propensity for emulation is probably the strongest and most alert and persistent of the economic motives proper.