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  • [about the movie Monte Walsh]: "I just really want people to see this movie and I hope they like it, because to me Monte Walsh probably reflects my sensibilities more than any other I've done in the Western genre. I'm really proud of it and I think it may be the best role I've ever had."
  • I don't know if my political opinions ever lost me work, but I know for sure they never got me any.
  • I had a fantasy of being a pro baseball player, and I've gotten to play a Major League Baseball player... I loved Westerns as a little kid and I get to do them. I even get to die as an actor and then you just go home and have dinner. It's great. So now, I'm not a candidate, but I play one on TV and I'll be home for dinner.
  • If a guy as good and decent with as much grace as Chuck Heston can stand up for an issue that I think is very important, ... then I certainly could stand up and I plan on remaining a life member for life.
  • It's intimidating to play the nominee for president. The little kid inside you says, 'I'm not enough.' I would guess that happens to politicians, too. They go, 'C'mon, who am I kidding? I'm just this guy or this woman...
  • It's not that conservatives don't care. We do. We just have different answers than liberals do. It's a difference of the mind, not of the heart.
  • I've got nothing against this particular set of candidates, but I do think we're not seeing enough of who they are, ... We're kind of seeing who they and their handlers think we want them to be.
  • Popularity is the pocket change of history. The true measure is courage. There will never be another Charlton Heston.
  • Son, never throw a punch at a redwood.
  • There was a time I could have been mistaken for Burt Reynolds. I had a moustache and so did he. But he was the number one star in the world, so there wasn't really much confusion.