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By Canadians[edit]

  • To know that this Olympic flag will be flying over Vancouver, over city hall, is truly, truly wonderful.
  • Unfortunately, I don't do much preparation for these events, as I have a full teaching schedule at Pacific Coast Golf Centre in Richmond.
  • The first time I lived in L.A. I was too young. I really wanted to be back home in Vancouver.
  • I moved to Vancouver when I was 19 with the idea that I would be there for six months to work on a record. I immediately fell in love with it.
  • I'm living in L.A. but my heart's in Vancouver.

By non-Canadians[edit]

  • The sea has now changed from it's natural, to river coloured water, the probable consequence of some streams falling into the bay, or into the ocean to the north of it, through the low land.
  • To describe the beauties of this region will, on some future occasion, be a very grateful task to the pen of a skilled panegyrist.
  • Vancouver is the most wonderful place. I put it up there with San Francisco and Sydney as a kind of magic sort of harbor city.