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  • All my life, which has now lasted something under one hundred years, I have observed managers in action: in government, in universities, , and in industry, and I have puzzled over what made them tick. I am far form the end of that puzzle, for no man can ever fully understand another, even a close friend. But can we probe a bit toward the essence of the good, the great, managers.
  • Fear cannot be banished, but it can be calm and without panic; it can be mitigated by reason and evaluation.
  • My whole philosophy on this sort of thing is very simple. If I have any doubt as to whether I am supposed to do a job or not, I do it, and if someone socks me, I lay off.
  • The individual to me is everything. I would circumscribe him just as little as possible.
  • The question of whether a device will come into being depends upon three things: first, whether there is a practical use for it that warrants its development and manufacturing costs; second, whether the laws of physics applying to the elements available for its design allow the attainment of the needed ranges, sensitivities, or the like; and third, whether the pertinent art of manufacture has advanced sufficiently to allow a useful embodiment to be built successfully.