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This is my original work.All religions are based on the Intlligent Designs of Unified Creation as in Rig Veda. All creations begin when the black hole is converted into a white hole according to the inflatioary theory. The "Intelligent Designs " unify the nonliving and the living beings (0n our Earth). Rig Veda could not be understood so far because it is encoded in Sanskrit written computer systen (chhandas). I find that it interfaces very well with Modern Astronomy, assisted by NASA findings. The article written for the International Year of Astronomy needs to be edited and given due publicity. Thanks for your advice but I donot know computing as I am growing old (76 yrs,) Retd Professor M.K.DAVE Phone 0761 2402743

All quotes are correct[edit]

The external link i have given, proves that all quotes are correct, not made up. And they can be simply researched in google book, if i get time, i will put them separately. Justicejayant (talk) 18:27, 15 September 2013 (UTC)