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  • We have completed all the items: from A to B.
  • Better than vodka there is nothing worse.
  • The direction we have is one – the correct one.
  • A government is not that body which you can do with a tongue as you wish.
  • Better to be the head of a fly than the buttocks of an elephant.
  • 27 millions were left with no arms, no leg, and without nothing else.
  • The soul hurts for grandchildren and the country.
  • You got to think what to understand.
  • Always we in Russia have something erect that we don't need instead of what is needed.
  • The principles that were principled were non-principled.
  • There is still time to save the face. Later we will be forced to save some other parts of a body.
  • Wine we need for health, and the health we need to drink vodka.
  • My life has passed in the atmosphere of oil and gas.
  • I can talk to anyone in any language, but that is the skill I try not to use.
  • Accuse of what? Of corruption? Whom? Me? Who? USA? What, did they, there, just wake up?
  • I don't draw and can't draw, but if I do draw something, it'll be more than you can handle.
  • We need to do what our people need, not what we are doing now.
  • The country we have – enough for her by skipping to do jumping.
  • Here is what can happen when somebody's starting to reason.
  • It has never been like this and now it is exactly the same again.
  • I am not going to speak much, otherwise I'll again say something.
  • The victims of the catastrophe should be personally liquidated.
  • You think it is simply too far for me... It is far from simple for me!
  • I feel today something of some kind in the air: there - who to whom, who to what...