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About Lutze[edit]

  • Unfortunately Lutze allowed his wife and the family's friendship with Brauchitsch to manoeuvre him into excessive opposition to the SS. Everywhere he criticizes and grumbles. Everywhere he feels that his SA has been put in the shade. He has got into the wrong hands.
  • The day of Roehm's execution, Hitler blandly announced that he had "relieved...Roehm of his position and ejected him from the Party", and under colour of this macabre euphemism appointed Viktor Lutze as Roehm's successor. But Lutze was no Roehm, and the SA was never again to play a significant role in the power politics of the Third Reich.
  • SA men should be leaders, not ludicrous apes.
    • Adolf Hitler, in a twelve-point directive about cleaning up the SA issued to Lutze.