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big mess[edit]

anyone who wants to take a crack at all this stuff feel free. I loped it over from a weird entry called WANYES WORLD and forwarded that page here (i think, i'm still new to this whole thing). I only found that page playing with random. A lot of the quotes are obviously doubles and the selection from the second source (with all the &lt BR /&gt 's in it) is probably a bit larger than necessary, especially considering the quantity of quotes that are just flat out bunches of dialog. I may get around to doing this myself eventually either way. jeremy

First time in Milwaukee[edit]

When Wayne and Garth first get to Mi-lee-wah-que (thank you Alice), what's the quote when they're skipping down the side walk like in that one show that I don't know the name of, then they proceed to do part of the show's intro. Finally, one of them goes "Wait, what are we doing? We have backstage passes to Alice Cooper!"

Anyone? Anyone at all?

It's from Lavern and Shirley. (sp?)