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Nice hagiography.


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  • I am tired of being categorized as immoral and unpatriotic because I am a democrat and because I oppose this war. Why is liberal a bad word? It comes from the word liberty — a concept we used to cherish. Family values include loving and embracing all genders, sexual orientations, races, religions, physical and economic conditions, etc. As a Christian, and more specifically, a Catholic, that is my understanding of what Christ teaches. Battling for separation of church and state is one thing. Now, we also have to battle for the separation of church and hate. Family values and morals include making certain that a parent or parents can support their children, provide them with a home, food, education, medical care, etc.
    And I am a patriot, despite opposing this war. We can't let the right tell us we are not because we question our leadership. It is my duty to question them. I do support the troops by questioning and opposing this war because, when I do, I help insure that they are sacrificing for a just cause worthy of their lives. When we don't, no one is there to protect them from the leadership putting them in harm's way for illegitimate reasons.
  • I'm pro-choice, pro-affirmative action, pro-environment and pro-labor. I was either going to be the loneliest Republican in America, or I was going to be a happy Democrat.
  • Rule nothing out.
    • When asked whether he would ever run for president again
  • Somebody once told me in business that when you're going to negotiate a business deal, you stake out your position and stand on it! Don't go in there and ask what they want. Say, "Here's what I want!" You've got a Republican Party under Gingrich and Tom DeLay that says, "Here's what I want." Then you've got the Democrats over here saying, "Yeah, ah, yeah, we could, some of what you say makes pretty good sense." The result is the American people don't see the full spectrum. Before the 2002 election there were a lot of Democratic politicians apparently who said, "I don't have the information. I can't battle with the president on the information. He's got the intelligence. What if there is a smoking gun in there? I can't fight the president in my congressional district." What we've got to do is stake out our position. For instance on tax reform, stop saying you agree with simplification of the tax code. … We stand for progressive taxation. We're proud of it. If you make more, you should pay more, period!
  • The American people will trust the Democratic Party to defend America when they believe that Democrats will defend other Democrats.

Quotes about Clark[edit]

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  • I've never endorsed a presidential candidate before. But when I talk to General Clark, and when I listen to him, I can see him as a president for all Americans.
    • Dr. Mary Francis Berry, former chair of the United States Commission On Civil Rights
  • Professional and moral attributes are impeccable.
    • General Edwin Burba, Jr.
  • Wes Clark is a man of whom you can ask a question, and he will look you directly in the eye, and give you the most truthful and complete answer you can imagine. You will know the absolute truth of the statement as well as the thought process behind the answer. You will have no doubt as to the intellect of the speaker and meaning of the answer to this question....So you can see, as a politician, he has a lot to learn.
  • Wes Clark has the character and depth to be another Marshall or Eisenhower in time of war.
    • General Alexander M. Haig, Jr. (19 July 1978)
  • To those who say that Wes Clark has never held political office: anyone who can command NATO, and keep all those forces together, and win that war without losing one American life, knows what it means to hold political office.
    • Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa
  • [He] is probably the most intelligent officer I ever served with. [He has] great integrity, sound judgment and great kindness in dealing with people. He is a public servant of exceptional character and skill.
    • General Barry McCaffrey (ret.)
  • There are a lot of good Democrats in this race. But Wes Clark is the best Democrat. He is a true progressive. He's the Democrat's Democrat. I've been around the political block — and I can tell you, I know a true progressive when I see one. And that's why he has my vote.
    • Senator George McGovern (18 January 2004)
  • I've read his environmental statement. It's very good, and I agree with it. Clark's environmental position is spelled out very well and it hits the important points. He handles the tough questions better than anyone else.
  • He is unquestionably one in a million. A professional whose perceptions are correct, whose plans are thorough and complete, whose executions are artistic, and whose success is inevitable....I have never been more impressed with an officer's talent and dedication. He should rank with men like Douglas MacArthur, Maxwell Taylor, Creighton Abrams...
    • Colonel Charles G. Prather IV (23 June 1977)
  • Wes Clark has been a superb battalion commander and will be a superb brigade commander. He is an officer of the rarest potential and will clearly rise to senior general officer rank. He will be one of the Army's leaders in the 1990's.
  • The mark of leadership is not to stand up when everybody is standing, but rather to actually stand up when no one else is standing.
    • Samantha Powers, Pulitzer-prize winner and human rights activist, on Clark's humanitarian stances, when endorsing Clark for President
  • The corporate scandals of the last two years have shown us that we need to bring a new standard of openness to government and to business. I believe Wes Clark will play it straight with the American people. The Bush administration has put the fox in charge of the hen house time and again, placing former industry advocates in charge of the very government organizations that should be policing them. We have seen the results of such cronyism: the average working American loses, the average retiree loses, the environment loses, the average investor loses. We need a leader who will stand up for our interests and not the special interests. I think Wes Clark is that leader.
    • Sherron Watkins, Time Magazine Person of the Year 2002, whistle-blower exposing Enron's corruption, endorsing Clark for President (3 Janurary 2004)
  • I asked a whole lot of my friends who were generals and colonels and majors, who served over General Clark and under General Clark and every last one of them said to me that this is a good man, and if he were leading our nation they would be proud. [He is a] son of the South capable of making a dangerous world a safer place for everybody. A man we are going to make the next president of the United States.
    • Andrew Young, Civil Rights activist, accompanied Martin Luther King Jr. on day of MLKjr's assassination, first African-American ambassador to the UN
  • As the friendly force maneuvered through the treacherous region, it was suddenly subjected to an intense small arms fire from a well-concealed insurgent element. Although painfully wounded in the initial volley, Captain Clark immediately directed his men on a counter-assault of the enemy positions. With complete disregard for his personal safety, Captain Clark remained with his unit until the reactionary force arrived and the situation was well-in-hand. His courageous initiative and exemplary professionalism significantly contributed to the successful outcome of the engagement. Captain Clark's unquestionable valor in close combat against a hostile force is in keeping with the finest traditions of the military service and reflects great credit upon himself, the 1st Infantry Division, and the United States Army.
    • From the Award of the Silver Star, as presented to Capt. Clark after he was wounded in battle in Vietnam (26 February 1970)